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Items VIEW
New Adv._for_open_bidding_of_shops_at_different_market_complex_of_RDA_rourkela View
New List of registered Technical person View
New Corrigendum_of_Adv._for_auction_of_shops___commercial_spaces_of_different_market_complexes_of_RDA View
New 1st corrigendum notice to RFP no.-01 dated 04.04.2022 "Empanelment of Consultants for Architectural / Engineering/ Structural & other related Services of Rourkela Development Authority View
New Advertisement for empanelment of consultants for RDA View
Old EOI for empanelment of consultants for RDA View
Old Technical presentation RFP no-2 View
Old Pre bid query View
Old 1st corrigendum to RFP Notice No-2 dated 21.12.2021 View
Old Advertisement__for_engagement_of_Consultant_for_Residential_Apartment_at_Nua_amalipali_Sundargarh View
Old RFP_for_Engagement_of_Consultant_for_Residential_Apartment_at_Nua_amalipali_Sundargarh View
old Revised date for Technical presentation & opening of financial bid View
old Technical_presentation financial bid opening_of RFP for appointment of Independent Engineer View
old 1st_Corrigendum of RFP for Appointment of Independent_Engineer View
old Annexure I of clarification to pre-bid_query View
Old Advertisement for Independent Engineer View
Old RFP Independent Engg. AHP_Chhend View
old Supliers for Dell/Hp Computer View
i Supliers for Printing & Token Book View
ii Printing & Supply MR Book View
iii Auction for Bolero vehicle View
iv Appointment of Independent_Engineer for AHP,Chhend View
v Appointment of Independent_Engineer View
vi Vehicle auction notice View
vii Expression Of interest View
viii Engagement of Independent Engineer in AHP View
ix Regularisation of Unauthorised Construction,2019 View
x Appointment of Amin on Contractual Basis View
xi Appointment of Planning Aasistant and Amin View
xii Regularisation of unauthorised constructions 2018 View
xiii Manpower For Outsourcing View
xiv 2nd Corrigendum Advertisement for housing scheme View
xv Shop advertisement Notice View
1 Tender Document for Supply of Manpower at Rourkela Smart City Ltd1 View
2 Tender Document for Supply of Manpower at Rourkela Smart City Ltd2 View
3 Request For Proposal View
4 Project in Chhend View
5 Project in Chhend View
6 Request for Proposal View
7 Request for proposal View
8 Expression of interest for medical insurance View
9 Expression for interest for City_Surveillance System View
10 Planning and Building Stanards Regulation(PBSR)2017 View
11 Property Management Regulation_2016 View
12 Land Disposal Allotment Regulation_2016 View